This months featured shop is Bizzy Bumpkins Boutique. Owned & operated by Rebecca Mueller,
I first met Rebecca on another forum. We became fast friends and I just knew she was going to have great success here at Our Place. Her designs are remarkable and her stitch work is beyond perfect. I had an opportunity recently to sit down with Rebecca to ask her some questions about her business. I found her story fascinating as I am sure you will too.
Alysa: Rebecca, when did you first start Bizzy Bumpkins and what was it that made you say this is what I am going to do?
Rebecca: I started Bizzy Bumpkins in August of 2003, I have always had a love of sewing since my mother owned a fabric store when I was a kid. She started me sewing when I was about 8, and I have always loved it.
Alysa: That is so awesome. Not only did your mother teach you a valuable life skill it gave the two of you a special way to connect. I love that. Rebecca, what is your favorite part of your craft? 
Rebecca: Being able to design my own patterns and make someone’s vision come to reality. I love custom orders, and creating new things.
Alysa: What inspires you to create?
Rebecca: I get a lot of inspiration from my mom, I always try to remember what she taught me over the years, and how you can always make what you want.
Alysa: What do you like most about Our Place Handmade?
Rebecca: I LOVE Our Place Handmade because of the very talented artisans who give each other so much support!
Alysa: That is one of my favorite things about the collective as well. The camaraderie is like none other.
Alysa: Rebecca, tell me, what are some of your other skills/hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t busy sewing?
Rebecca: I love to cook, something my husband and I really love to do together. I am a dachshund lover, and my 3 doxies are so special to me. I also love to crochet and try new crafts!
Alysa: That’s awesome. I love to try new crafts too! I want to learn all the things, haha. Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?
Rebecca: Do something for your business every day. Come up with a new product, hand out business cards, post on social media, even if it’s just something in progress, work on your business every day and you will grow! This has been my full-time job for about 16 years, and I work it like a job, every day. Don’t be afraid to price your handmade items according to the work you put in, too many folks try to compete with department store prices, remember, you are creating a lasting piece of art!
Alysa: That is great advice, thank you for that. Anything else you would like to add?
Rebecca: I see a lot of folks with new businesses that get discouraged. They think that if they just put their items out there they will sell like crazy. Remember, it takes time to build, it takes work to build, and you can’t expect instant gratification. You do have to put the work in to get to the place you want to be. I live in a tiny town with a population of 14, if I can make my craft my full-time job, so can you!!
Alysa: That is a great point. No matter what business you own, you need to work at it in order for it to be successful. Great advice. Do you have any sales or specials that you are currently running that you’d like our customers to be aware of?
Rebecca: I sure do! Use coupon code OurPlace and get 15% off any order on my website.
Alysa: Rebecca, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit with me for a bit. All of us here at Our Place look forward to seeing more of your amazing talent. Would you mind sharing your social media links with us so all of our customers can easily find you?
Rebecca: absolutely!
Please feel free to follow and visit Rebecca’s shop, Bizzy Bumpkins, at your leisure.
We will be back next month to introduce you to another one of our amazing shop owners. Stay tuned.