Our Obsessively Handmade Spring Event

I love feeling the spring in the air. It seems somewhat pivotal in a way. Last spring so much was just beginning, not all of which was good. It may be optimistic to think that we have moved past the long year we have had but I am going to stick with it and look forward to a better year.

So much has happened in the last year to move us to a much more productive and blessed community. I am so impressed with how our shop owners have stepped up and made it happen. I f you haven’t read about how we got to this point, you should read our story here and see for yourself how far we have come! Thankfully, what has not changed with this community is our commitment to the tradition of true handmade while embracing more modern styles and techniques. We started in handmade and years later it is still our passion. One thing we can promise you is that we will remain Obsessively Handmade.

Celebrating Spring has us all excited so we decided to run an Easter sale! It is coming up right around the corner and I have personally seen some of the pieces in this sale you will want to check it out. Some of our cutest things to date in my opinion. Make sure you are in our Facebook group so you don’t miss out. You can find it at this link:

If you have been looking for a website, community or marketplace to become a part of, we would love to meet you and see if we are a fit for each other. We are growing every day and we are here for the long haul. We understand the challenges handmade shops face including time away from actually creating. The current online economy is generating over 2 trillion a year and rising. Top 100 marketplaces account of 95% of all sales. We have years of experience in the handmade industry and we know that not one thing that works for one shop will work for all shops. Since we began, we have provided a space that is your own but you are in no way alone. We are different because we offer you choices. Options! Who doesn’t love having choices?? We are the only ones in the industry that offers all of this plus ongoing tips, support and training.  We are not trying to save the world, just help preserve and improve the handmade one.

Bronze – $25 – Marketplace shop, No monthly fees. 3.5% commission on Marketplace shop and Auction site shop.
Apply Here
Silver – $50 –  Marketplace shop, No monthly fees. 3.5% commission on Marketplace shop and Auction site shop. PLUS your own E-commerce website with 0% commission but a $10 monthly hosting fee.
Apply Here
 Gold – $100 –   All of the above plus all first month fees and commissions waived. 2 hours of online website/shop technical support.
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All packages include the following:
Free setup and use of the auction site
Inclusion in our Handmade Directory
No listing fees EVER
Unlimited listings
Inclusion in private sales, auctions and events
Online support
Marketing support
Private support group forums


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