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What Does Sharing Other’s Content Mean to You?

If you have been online for years like many of us, you have probably heard the phrase Content is King. Do you know why they say that? Valuable content that your viewers can use and trust is the only way you will ever earn their business. By focusing on providing valuable content for the people that see it, you are not only grabbing their attention and keeping them coming back, but you will eventually earn their trust. It is a proven fact that people buy from people they have seen repeatedly, not just once or twice. You have to get in front of them 5, 6, 7 times before they will take a chance on giving you their money.
Not only is content king, but you may have also heard of the 80/20 rule as far as your content. So what does that mean? It means the best marketing plan you can use is to share 80% valuable content and 20% your products and when you do show your products, make sure it is clear how and why your products are valuable. One thing that has changed in recent years and is not going away is the use of stories in place of “ads”.
A part of my world, aside from what I do in the handmade industry, is as a Younique presenter and since I adore their makeup, I chose to participate in their conference this year which was virtual for the first time. One of their keynote speakers just wrote a book about how she has based her entire career on storytelling. Not like fairy tales or writing the great American novel kind of stories, but stories that share a little part of yourself with someone else and lead them to looking at the way you did or used something. These marketing points are still true in today’s business world. How you manage to do this everyday on top of everything else you do, is the question. The answer is exactly like I just did. I used my story about being a Younique presenter. Why? Well, it makes me relatable and memorable. Most women wear make up of some kind and although they may not come running to flood me with orders today, it may just make them remember me when they run out of mascara before their big job interview.
Stop looking at sharing as a chore that has to be done. Most of us have all probably been a part of some group or event that required you to share something with your viewers as a requirement. Raise your hand if you forgot or never get around to it and it just feels like more work you have to do. That used to be me, too, until I changed my mindset about it.

Now, I jump for joy when someone gives me something I can share that I don’t have to create myself. Sharing other peoples ideas, opinions, products are all ways to share valuable content with your readers and keep them coming back. For FREE!

Someone else has done the research, worded it just right and sometimes even added a bunch of hashtags for you! All you have to do is add a sentence or two pointing out why the content is valuable and you are done. It simply can not get any easier than that.
Let’s look at another aspect of sharing other peoples content. For example, let’s say you see someone you know selling crochet dishcloths. Assuming we are in the handmade world, this would be valuable content for a couple of reasons. It’s handmade, it saves money and it is better for the planet than using for instance, paper towels. So you share it with your viewers. Now the person selling the dishcloths will probably notice you sharing her work and that might prompt her to share something of yours that she likes. Now your item just got put in front of a entirely new set of viewers all because you used somebody’s content as your own. Did I mention, this was FREE?
One last thing is your mailing list. I know you have been told a hundred times it’s all in the “list”. You have to have a list!! And you do. Most people don’t have an issue with having the mailing list. It is more common that they don’t have the time or the energy to come up with a newsletter every week that is interesting and engaging. My newsletter for the upcoming week is always open when I am working or on my social media. People love sales. My friends have sales. People love coupon codes. My friends offer coupon codes.  Are you seeing a pattern here? If a friend of mine shares that their store is having a big sale next week, I am going to immediately put that information in my newsletter to share with my readers. One good article that you have found or written and a few of those and your newsletter is finished. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities in front of you to engage your readers.


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